Developer Tools

I have compiled a list with some useful tools for different technologies / programming languages.

C# / .NET

Name Description Reference
BenchmarkDotNet Powerful .NET library for benchmarking
Code Compare File and folder merge tool
Error Prone .NET A set of Roslyn-based analyzers that will help you to write correct code
.NET Framework Tools Tools make it easier for you to create, deploy, and manage applications and components that target the .NET Framework
ObjectLayoutInspector Get an instance layout at runtime
Child Process Debugging Power Tool Child process debugging means that when the application you are debugging creates another process, Visual Studio will detect this and automatically attach a debugger to the newly created process as well
CFF Explorer PE32/64 editor with support for .NET internal structures
LINQPad Language Integrated Query Utility
NSwagStudio The Swagger/OpenAPI toolchain for .NET, Web API, and TypeScript


Name Description Reference
C++ Insights A clang-based tool which does a source to source transformation. Its goal is to make things visible which normally, and intentionally, happen behind the scenes.
Compiler Explorer Online compiler for a bunch of programming languages


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