About Me



Eduard Ghergu

What I do

Currently, I’m working as Technical Lead / Software Architect in a small team that is developing/maintaining a bunch of system software applications.

In my activity, I’m committed to the good software engineering practices (TDD, SOLID Principles, Design Patterns, Refactoring, etc.)  and to all that professionalism means.

Quick Overview

I’m located in Sibiu, Romania and I have more than 20 years of experience in software development, being involved in various projects covering desktop, client/server, web and mobile applications using different tools & technologies, mainly the ones provided by Microsoft and Apple.

I have worked on over 100 small and medium sized software development projects for customers from Europe, US, Canada, Israel.

Also, I had cooperation with some universities from Sibiu as associated professor and with some technical training companies.

I hold a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering since 2003.

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