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Effort Estimations

Software Development Effort Estimation, Part I

When we are talking about being a professional, one of the key concepts is effort estimation[1]. This is also one of the most challenging parts of software development activities. Everybody, the customers, project managers, technical leaders and so on are asking about an estimation of how much time do you think that the dealing with a certain task will take. And, in almost all the cases, the estimation will be wrong because we are, usually, too optimistic. Continue reading

Professional Programmer

Professionalism in Software Development

What is a Professional Programmer?

This is not a topic that most of the people are thinking about very often. The main understanding is that if somebody is working as a software developer and is earning a living on that, he or she can be called a professional. But, as can be seen in many cases, it is required more than just that to be able to be called a real professional.
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